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- Karyotype/high resolution Karyotype,
- Fluorescent in situ hybridization,
- Analysis of mitotic and interphase nuclei with FISH, DNA analysis (PCR, ARMS PCR, Sequencing, Pyrosequencing),
- Analysis of gene expression (RT-PCR, Real Time PCR, Nested RT-PCR).
- Total quality management
- State of the art infrastructure
- CE-IVD certified reagents
- Wide range of experimental protocols and applications
- Highly specialised scientific personnel and
- Excellent specimen handling and transport by dedicated courier certified for biological /clinical materials.
Monday to Thursday, 9am to 6pm,
Friday 9am to 2pm.
Our expertise
- Specialized genetic testing in Oncology
- Hematology Personalized molecular testing
- Validation of new diagnostic or prognostic assays
- Design and implementation of research projects
Our competencies
- Cancer genetics and cytogenetics proficiency
- Expert cytogeneticists and molecular biologists, led by academic geneticists
- State-of-the-art infrastructure
- Detection of genetic changes at different levels
- Use of integrated methodological platforms
- Laboratory training and consulting
Our guaranties
- ISO 15189 lab accreditation
- Participation in European External Quality Networks
- Total quality management (internal and external quality assessment)
- Adherence to European legislation and guidelines on bioethics and personal data handling
- Strict confidentiality in all aspects